Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for 2019


Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

Months of planning. Pouring over budgets. Deciding who you just can’t fit on the guest list. Figuring out every detail, from the location and band to flower arrangements and table cloth material. You worked your butt off, and your diligence was rewarded: the wedding went off without a hitch.

Now it’s time to reward yourselves. But with an entire world at your disposal, how do you pick the perfect place to unwind? How do you find a honeymoon destination that captures your unique personalities as a couple? And most importantly, how do you ensure your post-nuptial getaway is the absolute romantic escape of a lifetime?

The secret is Location, Location, Location! And with endless stunning locations to choose from, to help you narrow it down, we’ve put together our updated list for the top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations all around the world.

1. California

CaliforniaWine and honeymoons go together like chocolate and caramel. For that reason alone, California wine country, encompassing the Sonoma and Napa Valley areas, is a world-class destination. From perfect California weather to idyllic rolling green hills, from natural hot springs to vineyards owned by master winemakers and celebrities like John Legend and Mario Andretti, California’s fairytale wine country hits all the marks for an exclusive-yet-accessible honeymoon dreamland.

Honeymoon Tips:

  • Book a celebrity wine tour for delightful tastings at the vineyards of the rich and famous
  • Rent some bikes and explore the area’s gorgeous green valleys and vineyards on two wheels
  • Soak, unwind, and be pampered at one of the area’s world-class luxury spas
  • Take a hot air balloon ride for two, and get of the most incredible panormic views you’ll ever see

2. Greece


When the Aegean Sea beckons, honeymooners worldwide heed the call. Greece is a uniquely affordable escape where you can combine island hopping with luxury shopping, ancient ruins with private beaches, and coppery cliffsides to bustling city street markets. There are few places on earth that cater so flawlessly to both beach bums and history geeks.

And then there’s the food. Fresh fish, some of the world’s finest olive oil, tangy-yet-creamy Tzatziki, savory spinach pie…foodies have an endless universe of unique local fare to digest. Greece is one of the most well-rounded honeymoon destinations anywhere — it’s no wonder why Julia Roberts honeymooned here when she married her second beau!

Honeymoon Tips:

  • Book a sailing tour and explore the islands peppering the Aegean, where you can laze on the beach, snorkel up a storm, or hike your hearts out
  • Watch the sunset over Athens for a view as powerful visually as it is historically
  • Take over your own private island and relax on the beach like you’re the last couple on earth
  • Say “I Do” all over again at the floating medieval Byzantine chapel on the tiny island of Pontikonisi

3. Hawaii


Everyone knows that Hawaii has some of the most beautiful tropical beaches anywhere in the United States. But that’s only where Hawaii honeymoon bliss begins! World-class hiking along multi-colored cliffs in Kauai, aquatic adventures by boat, scuba, and snorkel, plus five island to choose from, each with their own unique charms…Hawaii is a whole world of romance packaged in tropical paradise.

Plus, with famous Hawaii hotels catering to a constant stream of couples in love, there’s no shortage of romantic resorts, inns, and cottages for you and your other half to choose from. Whether you end up riding waves in Maui or riding bikes to ʻIolani Palace in historic Honolulu, Hawaii is a must-visit wonderland for the world’s love-stricken hearts.

Honeymoon Tips:

  • Head to Kauai and drive to 4,000 feet for insane panoramic views of the coastal cliffs and valleys at Kalalau Lookout
  • Go spa crazy and invigorate yourselves with candlelit couples’ treatments at Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort
  • Unwind and catch a tan at Poipu Beach, on Kauai’s south shore, for soft golden sands and clear-water snorkeling. Poipu has been rated one of the best beaches in the world, so come find out why
  • Stay at a 1930’s plantation and sample handmade artisan rum made from the local molasses at Kilohana Estate.

4. Switzerland


Sleepy Swiss villages, skiing in the Alps, forests in the foothills of icy peaks, stunning crystal lakes, world-class chocolate…for a fairy tale come to life, look no further than Switzerland. Explore medieval Basel, the quintissential Swiss city on the River Rhine, the way it was meant to be enjoyed — on foot or on bicycle. Then head to the famous Black Forest just across the German border. Hike through the mountains, canoe on the lakes, wander for hours through Zurich’s art museums, and sip coffee at a riverside cafe, and you’ve still only scratched the surface. For European beauty, luxurious old-world hotels, and easy access to other countries like Germany, Italy, and France, Switzerland is second to none.

Honeymoon Tips:

  • Go rural by taking your honeymoon to the Swiss countryside. Stay in a cabin in the verdant Alpine foothills, ski down legendary Zermatt, or snow shoe through idyllic forests of the Swiss Alps
  • Take a fairytale railway ride to get a taste of old-fashioned life and work your way through pristine valleys, charming villages and evergreen forests
  • For foodie couples, sampling plenty of local wines, chocolates, and cheeses is an absolute must. Fondue, anyone?

5. Colorado


Between the beauty of Banff, the wonder of Whistler, and the hip cool of Colorado, it wasn’t easy to decide where to pick for the perfect mountain honeymoon destination. However, for its year-round accessibility, western-style mountain towns, and endless options for romantic adventure right in the United States, we picked Colorado as one of the top destinations for your ultimate post-wedding escape.

Whether you’re a desert-loving duo and want to hike, bike, and 4×4 through insane rock formations, or mountain maniacs who would rather speed down slopes on snowboards and skis, Colorado has you covered. The Colorado River is the perfect place to take a heart-pounding rafting trip, while couples who prefer a slower pace can mellow out in the natural mountain beauty of country hotels like Vista Verde Ranch, where rustic surroundings never come at the expense of luxury or hospitality.

Honeymoon Tips

  • Stay in Denver, “The Mile High City,” for an urban playground where the great outdoors is always just beyond your hotel walls
  • Go out for signature cocktails and do some celeb-watching in Aspen, a favorite ski getaway for some of the world’s biggest music and movie stars
  • Make the most of Mother Nature by hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, and skiing your blissful days away

6. Florida


With A-list celebrities like Sofia Vergara saying “I Do” in Florida, you know this state has to be on to something when it comes to unforgettable romantic escapes. Indeed, this coastal southern state has something for all personalities and budget levels, so you don’t have to be a celebrity (or have an A-list balance in your bank account) to find your dream honeymoon in Florida. Whether you’d rather shop at trendy boutiques trying on luxury labels in Naples, kick back on the beach, club-hop in glitzy Miami, release your inner child at Disney World Orlando, or slink through the Everglades flanked by mangroves and surrounded by gators, Florida has a perfect honeymoon for you.

It’s a unique slice of America where you can go explore the wilderness all day and enjoy signature cocktails at a rooftop bar at night. Pack your sunscreen and your sandals and get ready for a honeymoon in a state where, easy as it is to get to, you’ll never want to leave.

Honeymoon Tips

  • Take full advantage of the beaches — instead of just catching a tan, do some snorkeling or rent a jetski for pulse-punding tandem rides. Amelia Island is a great place to start
  • The Everglades are unlike any other wilderness in the world. Explore them with the Paradise Coast as your launchpad
  • Get a taste of “Miami Vice” and get glamorous exploring the Miami nightlife scene. While you’re there, soak up some of the authentic cuban culture during the day sipping a morning coffee at an authentic café Cubano
  • Book a cocktail cruise and catch that Florida sunset from the most romantic seat in the house: from deck of a sleek white yacht

7. Belize


This next ultra-popular honeymoon destination is a tropical paradise where time moves so slowly, you’ll hardly be able to Belize it (sorry, we had to). That’s right — Belize is next on our list. It’s affordable, it’s tropical, and it packs enough opportunities for coastal relaxation and outdoor adventure to fill a thousand honeymoons without ever getting stale.

Trek through the rainforest and explore tropical caves one day, then find a private slice of beach on a remote caye to relax sipping rum and fresh milk from half-chopped coconuts. For an international tropical destination that’s easy to manage, affordable to reach, and endlessly gorgeous to explore, squeeze some love out of Belize and drink the nectar of a perfect honeymoon.

Honeymoon Tips

  • With some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world, you owe it to yourselves to get up-close and personal swimming with a dazzling rainbow of ish, coral, stingrays, and even (non-dangerous) sharks
  • Stay at a jungle lodge in the middle of the rainforest and surround yourselves with the wild beauty of the jungle, all while being pampered in luxury
  • Embrace your adventurous spirit with canopy ziplines, river expeditions, jungle treks, deep-sea fishing, world-class Scuba diving, and more

8. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

When you add a dash of love and romance to the City of Sin, a sort of honeymoon alchemy takes place that results in a getaway that simply can’t be had anywhere else. Vegas is an adult playground with decadence, glamor, and glitz at every turn. You can try your luck at the blackjack tables or dance the night away at a cocktail lounge. Or, if laughter is the sure way to win someone’s heart, humor yourselves with a comedy show in a city known for attracting world-class acts.

They may call New York “the city that never sleeps,” but the glowing Las Vegas Strip radiates all day and night, giving the Big Apple some real competition for that title! Hit up a spa during the day to prepare for long nights of fun, or just keep the honeymoon party going 24/7. You can even head out to the surrounding deserts and cliffs to hike, bike, and climb off some of those extra calories from the free-flowing booze and endless casino buffets. There’s just no honeymoon destination on earth quite like Las Vegas.

Honeymoon Tips

  • Gamble your hearts out — just beware, the free-flowing cocktails at casinos aren’t just for fun, they’re to make you gamble more money! Best to budget your maximums for gambling losses ahead of time in case the house takes you for a ride
  • Vegas isn’t just about partying! You owe it to yourselves to check out some of the incredible desert trails just outside the city. Think starry skies and stunning sunsets overlooking an endless desertscape — it might end up being the most romantic thing you do on the whole honeymoon
  • With incredible hotels and resorts catering to a constant flow of newlyweds, a honeymoon in Vegas means romantic accommodations, couple’s spa treatments, mouthwatering cuisine, and plenty of options for romantic accommodations with perks like a spa tub for him and her

9. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa lets couples scope lions and elephants on a safari game drive one day, and relax on the beaches of the southern coast on another. You can take vineyard tours in wine country and taste all the local concoctions from the master winemakers, then come evening, grab a table in a trendy night life district of Cape Town with magnificent views overlooking the city, just sipping the night away with a pair of haute cocktails made from small-batch spirits produced by local artisans.

Cape Town’s unique blend of cosmopolitan city fun, dreamy beaches, and thrilling safari adventures make it one of the most uniqe destinations in the world. Plus, with Cape Town being a uniquely LGBTQIA-friendly honeymoon city in a continent not known for being receptive to a range of gender and sexual identities, it gets major bonus points.

Honeymoon Tips

  • Check out South Africa’s incredible beaches! Being on the southern tip of Africa, there are more miles of coastline to explore than you could possibly fit into a single honeymoon, or even a dozen
  • A South African safari will have you taking pics and videos of rhinos, lions, giraffes, elephants, gazelles, and all kinds of other magnificent wildlife. It’s the thrill of a lifetime packed with enough unbelievable sights to make anyone an overnight Instagram mini-celebrity
  • Cape Town is a magnificent, cultured, cosmopolitan city. Take a tour, enjoy the nightlife, and soak up the local cuisine and history. No South Africa honeymoon is complete without a few days in Cape Town!

10. Italy


Italy is a country that, even before Cassanova himself, was heralded as one of the world capitals for romance. That’s probaly why Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley married her wordsmith wife Lauren Morelli just this year before escaping to a decadent Italian honeymoon. It seems like a new crop of supserstar couples tie the knot or honeymoons in Italy every single year, and the reasons are simple: luxurious, old-world hotels, stunning historic cities like Venice and Rome that are tailor-made for lovers, Mediterranean beauty, world-reknowned cuisine…the list goes on and on.

Look out over the Amalfi Coast holding your lover’s hand, galavant through the crumbling Colisseum, sip espresso at a Roman cafe just watching the world go by. Italy is honeymoon heaven, almost no matter how you explore it!

Honeymoon Tips

  • Take an intimate gondola ride through Venice and explore the city of Da Vinci to your heart’s content on the romantic, snaking canals
  • Visit the Amalfi Coast for views of coastal, cliffside villages straight out of the movies
    Foodies will delight in the fresh, local cuisine farmed in the Italian countryside
  • Explore the museums, cathedrals, and Colisseum of Rome, one of the most important cities in the history of Western Civilization