Cristiano Ronaldo To Juventus


The agreement between Perez and Ronaldo 

The story is that there was an agreement between Perez and Ronaldo that Ronaldo’s contract would be renewed and his salary raised from 23 million to 30 million euros. But when the season ended, the club told Ronaldo they would not give him this amount (30 million euros) To complete his contract with the old salary (23 million euros).

Ronaldo felt completely betrayed

After this reply Ronaldo felt completely betrayed by the management of the team and decided immediately after him and definitely leave the walls of Real Madrid because he felt betrayed .. This is not only the only reason there are other reasons for the departure of Ronaldo and that he did not receive support from the team when faced with the IRS And was deeply saddened when the club did not support him in this difficult situation.It is also for this reason that he did not receive support from the team when he was passing through bad moments and public criticism and media.

These factors contributed to the expected departure of Ronaldo 

These factors contributed to the expected departure of Ronaldo. The subject of renewing the contract was the straw that divided the back of the camel and the fact that they waited for the official announcement of the transfer of our legend to Juventus in a few days.

Imagine that New Grezman’s salary of 25 million and Neymar’s salary is about 35 million and Messi’s salary is 50 million with so many privileges!

Imagine that New Grezman’s salary of 25 million and Neymar’s salary is about 35 million and Messi’s salary is 50 million with so many privileges!
Ronaldo did not ask for the salary of Messi or Neymar is asked only appreciation of the club, yet Perez did not meet his promise and so far he casts coolness on the subject of Ronaldo.

Just imagine with me that at this time Real Madrid issued an official statement to deny the signing with Neymar and a few hours later another statement denies signing with Mbabi !!

Just imagine with me that at this time Real Madrid issued an official statement to deny the signing with Neymar and a few hours later another statement denies signing with Mbabi !! Although all the players in the world are linked to going to Real Madrid, including Neymar and Mbabi and news of their transfer fill all the newspapers and at a time when all the Madridista rage and confusion of the club did not care for all this, although they issued official statements for the normal news for Neymar and Mbabee!

the right time to sell Ronaldo at a high price 

Peres’ point of view is that Ronaldo is starting to grow old and this is the right time to sell him at a high price (100 million Juventus offer). If he stays longer, he will not be able to sell him at a high price.

there is something called respect for the myths 

Imagine the cruelty of Peres, who will not deny that his economic thinking is good, but there is something called respect for the myths. Something that is respect for a player who scored 450 goals in 437 matches in our team’s jersey and came to Real Madrid in a period where the team was suffering … Pages to talk about what Ronaldo did for Real Madrid ….. After all, Ronaldo is already a Juventus player.

This is what the Journalistes and VIP said about Ronaldo transfer to Juventus:

Nuno Luz “a close Portuguese journalist for Cristiano Ronaldo” 

Journalist: Cristiano’s anger comes a long time, he needs affection and to the money also needs to feel protected by the club.

He said: Real Madrid did not act well with Cristiano As Barcelona did with Messi, Cristiano felt he had given a thousand per cent to the club but the club did not respond to his favor.

Von Rochetti “Italian journalist” 

Von Rochetti (Italian journalist): Juventus wants Cristiano Ronaldo to be presented on 7 of 7 in 7.

Jorge Mendes (Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent)

Jorge Mendes (Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent) in an indirect message: If Real Madrid left, it would be a new challenge in his great career.

Cristiano would be grateful for the Real and the Le Perez was applauded

Dédien Deschamps 

Dédien Deschamps: Cristiano Ronaldo’s news has greatly affected our concentration of tomorrow and the players have been trained today without concentration. Faran is impressed by the loss of his teammate. Mbabi feels he will become Cristiano’s successor in the Real, and Matoudi is excited to play alongside him in Juve. Tomorrow’s game.


Debala: If signing Cristiano is true, it is a wonderful thing, for me it will be a great experience to learn from the best player in the world

Laura Barales “reporter for Juventus”

Laura Barales (reporter for Juventus): I do not think Ronaldo will come to Juventus, so I bet if I come I will take off my clothes on the air !!

Now I will leave you with Ronaldo top 5 greatest moments with Real Madrid:

1. Signing For Real Madrid

When you’ve just won the Premier League and Champions League with Manchester United and also the Ballon d’Or, it’s fair to say that you’re a man in demand. And when a team like Real Madrid come a-knocking, you answer. Ronaldo did just that in 2009 and, a few disagreements with fans along the way, he remains contented there today.

They had to shell out for the man, though. United priced him at £80m, knowing Real needed a marque signing to appease fans and their risky demands paid off. That said, the deal paid off for Real, too. He netted 21 times in his maiden season, then 50 in his second and 66 in his third season with the Spanish giants. He’s now picked up a whopping ten trophies at the Bernabeu since his arrival.
“such a day like today 9 years ago was presented Ronaldo as a player of Real Madrid, the rest… is already history”.

2. Becoming Real’s All-Time Top Goalscorer

Raúl González Blanco. Otherwise known simply as ‘Raúl’. In Madrid, he’s a legend. Even the red side of the Spanish capital respects his achievements and goal scoring exploits for club and country. Few ever imagined another player surpassing his 228 goals in a white shirt… One of those few that could imagine it? Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he knew he would score more goals.

It took Raúl 550 games to reach his tally of 228 goals for Real. Ronaldo managed that feat in just six seasons. Now? He’s scored 280 goals. In just 262 appearances. Let that sink in for a moment…

3. Five Goals. One Assist. One game.

On Saturday September 12th 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo had quite a good game. He won Man of the Match. And here’s why… He scored a couple of goals. He even set one up. Not bad.

Okay, okay. It wasn’t just ‘a couple’. He scored five that day. FIVE. Espanyol were utterly destroyed by just one player. Ronaldo was unstoppable that day.

4. Winning Euro 2016 As Portugal’s Talismanic Captain And Real Madrid C.F Player

When that Ronaldo Vs. Messi debate rages, Ronaldo fans can point to one topic that they would argue absolutely separates their man from the Barcelona whizz – international success. Messi is no slouch. He’s scored almost sixty goals in an Argentina shirt. But there’s always been a feeling that he never really hit the heights playing for his country. Albeit he did come pretty darn close to winning a World Cup…

Still, the last major international tournament saw Ronaldo – as captain – lead his national team to glory. Portugal didn’t exactly boss Euro 2016. To put it mildly. In fact, they only just scraped through the group stages, drawing with Austria, Hungary and Iceland. Then then battled past Croatia and Poland with a 1-0 and penalty shoot-out win respectively.

The semi final saw them start to convince. Our man scored in the 2-0 victory over Wales and people couldn’t wait to see if Ronaldo had enough to take on the much-fancied home side, France. But he lasted just twenty minutes. Injury saw him taken off in tears. But from the sidelines he kicked and headed every ball, pushing his teammates to victory. A real leader.

5. Champions League Hat-Trick And winner and The Best Player in The World

And now we come up to date. Ever the man for the big occasion, Cristiano Ronaldo smashed a hat trick against Real’s much-hated local foes last week. And in a Champions League semi-final. He’s now hit seven trebles in the competition. One more and he’ll overtake his Barcelona peer, Lionel Messi. Who would write him off bagging an eighth in the second leg…?
later Real Madrid wins The Champions League and Cristiano Ronaldo became The Best Player in The World in the five Time in his life.

Let’s go back to the ugly truth that Ronaldo is a J.V Player now and The Team has already taken the season picture with the new jersey and without Ronaldo